Reporter's Diary: When actors are in tears, on and off screen

At a movie’s success meet held recently, which incidentally took place the very next day of the film’s release, an actor broke down on stage. The reason: he was pleading with his industry colleagues to let him do his job in peace.
Reporter's Diary: When actors are in tears, on and off screen
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Well, the current generation may wonder why he did not simply send a WhatsApp message. However, this is cinema, where actors have been known to breakdown. And he is not the first one to cry openly. Last year, quite a few, including the who’s who of the industry, have wept at social events in front of an audience. Aamir Khan has cried in public on many occasions, including on the sets of his talk show, Satyameva Jayate. 
Last year, Dhanush told the media that he cried when he saw a negative review of his film when he was still a newcomer in the industry. This is quite a role-reversal for the fans who are used to shedding tears on watching their star’s performance on screen. Starting from Sivaji Ganesan to Kamal Haasan, we have seen the sheer on-screen brilliance of matinee idols that brought tears in many movies in the past. Who could forget Sivaji and his cameo performance in Vietnam Veedu or Nagesh in Ethirneechal, or even Kamal Haasan in Mahanadi?

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