Students’ suicides: ‘The regulatory system has failed’

The regulatory system in education has failed in this case. The concerned university will only take care of the colleges that come under (affiliated) their ambit.
Students’ suicides: ‘The regulatory system has failed’
Professor D. Viswanathan, Former Vice-Chancellor, Anna University


Universities can address students’ grievances and administer colleges that are affiliated to it, but it cannot initiate action for institutions that do not have the necessary approval. So the state government should put a mechanism in place in the interest of students and public. 
People concern more about the infrastructure in colleges before enrolling. Unfortunately, most of them lack awareness to check university/regulator’s website to ascertain whether a college has approval or not. People are lured by advertisements made by colleges and admit their children. 
The state government should empower the district administrations and collectors to check whether these colleges are approved by the authorities concerned. If the institution is not approved, the district Collector should take steps to transfer the students to other colleges or close down the institution. Students should not be penalised for the mistake committed by the college management.
It is mandatory that the education institutions submit annual approval certificate obtained from the appropriate authority to the district Collector so that the district administration will know the status of the institution to help students and the general public.  
Dead End
According to the National Crime Records Bureau statistics, Tamil Nadu had the highest suicide rate, followed by Maharashtra with 285. As per the latest available data, in 2014, Maharashtra topped with 1100 suicides followed by Tamil Nadu with 853. The suicide rate among students has been far less when compared to earlier years. Dr Lakshmi Vijayakumar, psychiatrist and WHO Consultant on suicide prevention says media awareness campaigns, shift in educational systems and parental counselling are key to prevent suicides 15 years ago
In 2004
TN : Total No of suicides - 531;Exam failure suicides - 314
Chennai : Total No of suicides 103;Exam failure suicides - 54
In 2009
TN : Total No of suicides - 456;Exam failure suicides -  223
Chennai : Total No of suicides - 91;Exam failure suicides - 34
In 2014
TN : Total No of suicides - 853;Exam failure suicides - 247
Chennai : Total No of suicides - NA;Exam failure suicides - 15

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