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Lab to analyse soil conditions for buildings

Have you ever felt your blue mood lifting when you visit a place of worship and wondered why the same does not happen at home? These questions will soon be answered by a city-based civil engineer who has created a system through which changes in soil over years due to construction of buildings can be predicted.

Lab to analyse soil conditions for buildings
Mohammed Jackariyah


Mohammed Jackariyah, an engineer, has set up a lab at a cost of Rs 60 lakh in Chennai’s Parrys area to analyse soil conditions through sensing equipment to reveal how soil is affected with time and through interacting with the surrounding  environment. Tests now only reveal soil condition and whether it suits construction.

Jackariyah, speaking to DT Next, said soil changes with time. Silica in soil can change to an acetate or acidic state. This affects buildings and also occupants. “The feeling you have in place of worship is attempted to be brought to the home”, he said. “A place of worship has a feeling of serenity due to auspicious events which take place there; this system ensures that a similar feeling is brought to a domestic setting. The new method ensures that positive energy is implemented in living spaces to energise personal lifestyles in an eco-friendly way. The system calculates the nature of metals, its behaviour with nature, their vibration and its effect on human beings.” It also considers different radiated emissions and counteracts them naturally, he added. 

The equipment calibrates soil changes where organisms in soil change after interacting with construction material. “The new equipment also calculates seismic activity in specific areas over specific time period,” he added. The equipment tried out in a building in Perambur, ensured good results, he added. The lab will help real estate promoters and ensure peace of mind for flat buyers as Chennai has felt minor tremblings recently.

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