Citizen connect: Mahalakshmi Nagar groping in the dark as streetlights remain non-functional

For the past one year, the residents of Mahalakshmi Nagar Extension 2nd Street have been groping in the dark as the streetlights in the neighbourhood have remained non-functional. According to them, the streetlights have not been working since the work on storm water drains along the road was taken up, as the cables have not yet been connected.
Citizen connect: Mahalakshmi Nagar groping in the dark as streetlights remain non-functional
Dysfunctional streetlights


According to a resident, the streetlights were installed in the area in 2014. It was welcomed by the community in this residential locality, who were happy about the safety that the lights provided at night. However, after it was disconnected while the drain work commenced, they have been waiting for the cables to be reconnected for the streetlights to be operational.

“The streetlights numbered 3085, 3086, 3087, 3088 and 3089 are no longer functional. It is causing us a lot of distress as many are hesitant to go out by walk at night despite it being a residential area,” said Seeni Seethuraman, a resident.

The lack of functional streetlights in the area is also encouraging anti-social elements. Broken alcohol bottles can be found in the area during the mornings, claim residents, adding that women in the area fear of chain-snatching as well as for their personal safety when stepping out at night.

The resident pointed out that it is also dangerous for the students in the neighbourhood, who come home late in the evening after finishing their tuition classes.

“It is difficult for me to pick up and drop my son because of my work commitments. So, he usually walks to tuition and back. However, as streetlights are not functioning, this is no longer possible. I either have to leave work early or he has to wait for me at his class,” said a parent in the area.

The residents claimed that despite them raising the matter with the concerned authorities, they have not received any response so far. Alleging apathy from officials, they hope the matter can be resolved at the earliest to ensure their safety once again.

When contacted, a Greater Chennai Corporation official claimed that they have not received any information about the issue from the residents. “The last time we checked, all the lights were operational in that area. We will look into the matter again and take appropriate action,” the official assured.
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