Godwin Winston to release upcoming single Adi Adiyae

My debut single Ellam Unnale helped me make an entry in the indie scene. Think Music has been nothing but a blessing for me, says Winston
 Independent artiste Godwin Winston
Independent artiste Godwin Winston

CHENNAI: Independent artiste Godwin Winston talks to DT Next about his upcoming single Adi Adiyae, the process of writing and producing it, an album in the works, who he would like to collaborate with, his upcoming projects and lots more.

 How has your journey in the indie music industry been so far?

My debut single Ellam Unnale helped me make an entry in the indie scene. Think Music has been nothing but a blessing for me. My audio and videos got the reach they deserved through them. It has been really wonderful for someone with a non-musical background. It has helped us gain confidence as a band and work on new songs. The second song Va Ma Minnale was released exclusively on Wynk and this response was huge. We have already crossed 2.5+ million audio streams on the platform. Looking back the journey has been really kind and I’m excited for more.

 You mentioned you don’t have any formal training in music, how and when did your interest in music originate?

In 2004 during my school culturals, I used to take part in singing just so I could bunk classes. That’s how it actually began. However, my friend Benny Joseph helped me realise I could sing. Over the course of time, I embraced what music and singing could do to one’s life. And have been working towards developing my skills.

 Talking about your upcoming single Adi Adiyae, what’s the song about?

Adi Adiyae is composed and produced by Joseph Kenaniah and penned by Jacob. It is a pop fusion with a touch of Indian tunes. We have some amazing artists who have worked on this project for us. There is a wonderful sarangi piece by Manonmani which elevated the essence of the song to another level. Avinash mixed the song and did justice with the outs. We can’t wait for it to release in the next couple of weeks.

 How long did the production process take?

Self-funding the entire project as an indie artiste is a huge task. Production takes three to six months and then roping in the right set of co-artistes and team to ensure that the song does justice is a challenging experience. Having said this the song, Adi Adiyae, is ready and sitting on our shelves for more than five months now. If producing and making a track is a challenge, getting to release the song to hit the right audience is another untold, unimaginable challenge by itself. I am sure every indie artiste is able to relate to the struggles.

 When will you release an album? Is it in the works?

Yes, an EP is in the pipeline, I’m working towards this goal very rigorously and passionately. As an independent artiste getting to say when or how would this happen is going to be a lie. But, I put my hopes, work and efforts in place for this dream to come true. I believe good music and good food are all that matter in life. But both take the time I guess.

 Who would you like to collaborate with for future projects?

I do have an exhaustive list of amazing talents like Anirudh, Yuvan, Ben Human, Yohani, Asal Kolar, music producers, and beatboxers with whom I would want to collaborate with for various pieces in the projects. I’m more open to exploring new artistes and talents as rare hidden treasure is always said to be found here. Collabs can do wonders and I believe in it. I’m always looking for people I can create new music.

 What’s next for you?

Right now, getting to release and give the song the reach it should get. I want to ensure that people of every age, gender, and region should and would be able to listen to my music. Thanks to Wynk for having half this work done. I want to work on a new and different range of genres that people will be able to relate to. I want to set a mark for the indie market in Tamil as is in Western culture. There is so much on my bucket list that I would probably need an eternity to fulfil it.

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