Arryaman didn't eat for 2 days, spilled piping hot tea on his face

'Tanaav', is a remake of the hit Israeli show 'Fauda', and bases its physical setting in Kashmir.
Arryaman Seth
Arryaman Seth

MUMBAI: Actor Arryaman Seth, who plays a young Kashmiri, deeply affected by the socio-political shifts around him in the recently released streaming show 'Tanaav', shares that he didn't eat anything for straight two days to lend authenticity to a particular scene in the show where his character was kept without food.

'Tanaav', is a remake of the hit Israeli show 'Fauda', and bases its physical setting in Kashmir.

Sharing the anecdote, the actor, who "didn't even know how to work a gun", says, "The physical aspects of the performance could all be learnt but what was key was nailing the psyche of the character. There was a key scene of mine where I got captured and am brutally tortured. It was a major scene in which they plant a bomb in my stomach and that sequence required a particular mood. This guy was kept without food and sleep, so as preparation I did not eat food for two days."

Narrating another incident which shows his emotional attachment to the character and how invested he was in ensuring he does it right, he shares, "There was a scene in which there was hot tea spilled on me. Now, on set, they obviously use lukewarm tea so the reaction was far from the kind I would have wanted to give for this moment. I insisted that the tea be warmed so the reaction of pain and wincing looks more natural. I wanted tea to be hot and Sudhir sir wasn't sure."

"He showed his concern but then he caved. He let me heat the tea to my satisfaction and then that hot tea was splashed on my face. The shot came out perfectly, me not so much (laughs). But now that I see the scene in the show, I think I am happy with my decision. I am so grateful to Sudhir sir for allowing me such antics. It's his ability to give me a fair playing field that gave me the confidence to build the character the way I wanted."

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