'Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham will enthral the audience’

Young bunch of lead actors, Kaushik Ram, Anjali Nair, and Heroshini, visit the office of DT Next to talk about their film Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham that releases on Friday. The trio makes it a gleeful affair by crooning the title of the film that is inspired by Gemini Ganesan’s song in Paava Manippu and talks about the film in detail.
(L to R) Anjali Nair, Kaushik Ram and Heroshini
(L to R) Anjali Nair, Kaushik Ram and Heroshini Hemanathan M

CHENNAI: There are only a few hours left for the release of Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham directed by Raghav Mirdath and produced by Aram Entertainment. The teaser, trailer and the songs of the film have been well-received by the audience and the team is on cloud nine.

“It feels a little nervous as a debut actor and a guy who comes from a non-filmy background. I am hoping to get a foot in the door with KAV,” begins Kaushik, who is seated in between his heroines Anjali and Heroshini. He plays a character called Shyam in the film.

“Shyam is a cinematic person. He is influenced by cinema so much so that he relates every incident in his life to a movie scene. I was overwhelmed to play such a character because we all have a cinematic influence subconsciously. The character was relatable to an extent. I had a few checklists to about the character and the effort has paid off,” adds Kaushik.

Anjali Nair plays the Radhe to her Shyam and the audience was in awe of the transformation she has gone through to play the role after playing rustic roles in Nedunelvaadai and Taanakaaran. “The narration took place over 150 minutes over a call and I was convinced as soon as the narration ended. In a way, Radhe and Shyam are poles apart. Cinema is Shyam’s life and for Radhe it’s totally opposite,” says Anjali. She points out at Heroshini and says, “She plays Anuradha, who comes into their lives and what happens from there on is what KAV is all about. This is a movie that will be close to our hearts always,” the actress tells us.

A still from the film.
A still from the film.

Heroshini is a household name in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Having been a part of television shows since childhood, her fluency in Tamil is pretty impressive and talks like a native speaker. “The makers zeroed in on me when they watched one of my shows and they were convinced. Tamil is something I picked up recently. KAV though is a rom-com has something for the audience to look out for after each scene. Though the genre has always created an appeal, Raghav has treated it differently. I am confident that the audience will like it,” she tells us. Anjali seconds her and says, “You will be waiting to see which movie’s reference will crop up in the next scene. It will be a fun ride surely. The story takes place across different seasons like spring, summer, rainy and winter. The scenes will also be certainly refreshing.”

Kaushik concludes saying that the team has given their best. “We have put our heart and soul into it. The result of the film will take care by itself. But we have given the audience a quality product,” he concludes.

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