‘Despite its delay, Titanic will still be fresh and relevant’

Actor Kalaiyarasan and director Janakiraman visit DT Next office to talk about their upcoming film Titanic- Kaadhalum Kavundhu Pogum that also has Kayal Anandhi, Kaali Venkat, Ragav Vijay and Jangiri Madhumitha in prominent roles. The duo says that despite getting several offers from OTT, the team opted for a theatrical release because of its strong content
‘Despite its delay, Titanic will still be fresh and relevant’
Kalaiyarasan and Janakiraman Photo: Manivasagan

CHENNAI: Even as actor Kalaiyarasan walks into our office, his fans gather around and request him for a selfie. They talk to him about how they adored him in Madras, Sarpatta Parambarai and Kuthirai Vaal. He tells them about his upcoming film Titanic- Kaadhalum Kavundhu Pogum that will hit the screens on June 24. “It is a light film that talks about relationships from various perspectives. All of us would have been in a relationship at various points of our lives or we would have also tied the knot to our school or college day crush. Titanic deals with such relationships in a lighter vein and the audience can also watch out for a few twists and turns and how these characters are connected to each other,” says Kalai.

Packed with a lot of characters, Janakiraman says that each of them will have their own prominence throughout the screen time. “Kalai and Anandhi’s characters have a Kodaikanal backdrop to it while Kaali Venkat and Jangiri Madhumitha’s characters are penned with a rural backdrop with a strong Coimbatore dialect. Ragav and Ashna play a Chennai-based couple. Apart from these we also have Chetan and Devadarshini too, play strong characters in Titanic. This was also challenging for me as a writer. I had to give all characters equal importance and ensured that one shouldn’t overshadow another in a scene,” says Janakiraman.

Titanic has been in the making even before the pandemic started and the trailer was released for the audience last year. “The story is relevant and it would still be fresh. The audience can walk into the theatre, have good fun watching the film and can enjoy,” says Kalai. Janakiraman explains further and says, “It is because when we started off with our target audience was youngsters. As the story developed, it became a film for all. Even the family audience will enjoy the movie,” adds the director.

Having known for his strong roles in Madras, Jagame Thanthiram and Sarpatta Parambarai to name a few, Kalaiyarasan says that playing a lead is something he has been yearning to do. “The onus is on me to take the movie forward and make it profitable for the producer. I want to be a part of interesting scripts when I play the lead character. Be it Madras or Kuthiraivaal or Titanic, they had the potential to feed the actor in me and gave me the confidence that I could play lead roles too,” he opens up.

The makers had several offers from OTT platform. “CV Kumar was sure that Titanic has a strong content to pull the audience to theatres from the beginning. We were just waiting for the right date to release the movie,” concluded Janakiraman.

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