‘Music videos from the South have started raking in the moolah’

Composer-director AJ’s latest music video, Vaadi En Chellakutty starring Micset Sriram and Janani Durgahas clocked over 1.6 million views on the internet.
‘Music videos from the South have started raking in the moolah’

CHENNAI: The song is being lauded for its grandeur and fast dance steps. “We wanted Vaadi En Chellakutty to be known for its grandeur and we have succeeded in it. People have been calling me and my co-director Vilva and have been telling us about making a grand song in just under a couple of days. I am a huge fan of grand films and fanfare. When we set out to make this video, I was imagining how this song would have featured in a Vijay film or an Ajith film,” he says. Vaadi En Chellakutty could have been the music video with the largest unit in Tamil in recent times. “We shot the video with over 200 people on the sets and we were able to achieve what we set out for,” he adds.

GV Prakash has sung for Vaadi En Chellakutty which has elevated the mood of the number. “I have been associated with GV and his work for quite some time now. I have engineered a few of his songs and BGMs before. When we approached him for this, he came forward to do it for us. He had also sung for one of my previous singles and I am glad that our association continues with Vaadi En Chellakutty as well,” says AJ. Talking about composing and directing the song, he remarks, “It is quite a lot of pressure. We need to keep the visuals in mind and the music should be in sync with it in the final output. However, Vilva and I managed to pull it off.”

He also says that music videos made in the south of late are on par with videos that are made in Hindi and Punjabi. “There was a time when Hindi music videos floored with their grandeur and the returns they fetched. Since the pandemic, there were numerous music videos made in the south and they have been commercially viable. Moreover, music videos are now the ticket to movies for aspiring directors. These are the minimum guarantee you could show a producer as a part of the portfolio. We are working on a big film next and Vaadi En Chellakutty was a huge learning curve,” he concludes.

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