Zack Snyder says he banned chairs from 'Army of the Dead' set

Director Zack Snyder says there were no chairs on the set of his Netflix zombie movie "Army of the Dead".
Zack Snyder says he banned chairs from 'Army of the Dead' set

Los Angeles

Last year, Christopher Nolan faced criticism on social media after a report claimed that the "Tenet" director bans chairs from his sets, a story later dismissed by the director's representative. 
Snyder, however, felt having no chairs on the set helped him stay more engaged in the shoot. 
“There’s no sitting down, like, I banned chairs from the set. But the nice thing is, it’s really intimate. I can just talk to the actors right there, I’m not back in a monitor across the room. It was definitely the most purely engaged I’ve been making a movie," the director said during an appearance on The Playlist’s “Fourth Wall” podcast. 
Snyder was also the cinematographer on the "Army of the Dead", starring Dave Bautista, Theo Rossi, Tig Notaro and Indian actor Huma Qureshi among others. 
Bautista praised Snyder's directing style in a group interview with international journalists, including PTI, recently. The actor said Snyder was constantly on the move and preferred hanging out with the actor rather than sitting behind a monitor in the shade. 
"What was really interesting was that Zack was our director but also our cinematographer. So he was always on camera, he had the main camera, and he typically had it slung over his shoulder. 
"To work with a director who's like that, you kind of lose track of him being a director because he's not somewhere off watching a monitor, he's in the mix with us. So it almost feels like he's a part of our cast," Bautista said.

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