Smita Singh recalls how she coped with Covid

Actress Smita Singh and her parents recovered from Covid-19 recently. She recalls how the family coped with the virus together.
Smita Singh recalls how she coped with Covid
Image courtesy: IANS


"I was at my hometown Lucknow, to be with my parents, as my mother was to go for eye surgery. But in between our visits to hospitals, my parents and I tested positive to Covid-19. We were quarantined at home. My parents were stressed because of all that was happening around us. We even lost a few family members to virus," said Smita.
While Smita and her parents, Dr Pratap Singh and Veena Singh, have recovered now, the actress recalled how, during the infection, she cut off all contact from social media and phone calls, and turn the home environment entertaining and positive.
"Apart from healthy diets to all the medical care required to recover Covid. I decided to trust god and believed that 'all Is well'. Apart from our doctors I wasn't not in touch with anyone or was active on social media. I made sure we all take complete rest and no stress. Finally, we tested negative," she added.
Smita is known for her work in in television series like "Bhagyavidhaata", "Hitler Didi" and "Thapki Pyar Ki".

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