Drake denies rumours about wanting to date Kim Kardashian

American rapper Drake has denied news reports claiming that he wanted to date reality TV star Kim Kardashian after her split with music producer-composer Kanye West.
Drake denies rumours about wanting to date Kim Kardashian

Los Angeles

According to a report in ace showbiz, an Instagram account, Gossip in the City, shared snapshots of their conversation with Drake, asking him if he actually had any romantic feelings for Kim.
"Fake news ? I figured I'd ask this time. Obviously (crying laughing emoji)" Drake replied.
It was previously reported by Heat Magazine that Drake wanted to ask Kim out as soon as the news of her split with Kanye first came to light.
"Drake could never understand what Kim saw in Kanye -- he was saying for years how he wasn't the right guy for Kim and it would all end in tears. He was surprised it took her so long to realise and started messaging her the moment it became clear that the divorce was inevitable, he's ready to see her whenever she says the word, basically, and he's confident that will happen fairly soon," a source was quoted as saying.

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