Musician AR Rahman's Mother Passes Away In Chennai

Early reports said that AR Rahman's mother passed away due to age-related illness for which she was undergoing treatment for the past one year.
Musician AR Rahman's Mother Passes Away In Chennai
Source: Youtube clip; Rahman seated next to his mother in an event


Kareema Begum, mother of Oscar winning musician AR Rahman passed away today at his residence after a year-long battle with age-related illness.
It was also reported that Rahman had avoided travel for the last one year to be alongside with his ailing mother.
It is a well known fact that AR Rahman is close to his mother as she was the one who channelised him towards music after the sudden demise of Rahman's father, music composer RK Sekhar.
Kareena Begum is survived by her daughters AR Reihana, Ishrath Qadri, Fathima Shekhar apart from AR Rahman.
Music Director GV Prakash Kumar is Kareena Begum's grandson.
AR Rahman took to his Twitter space and posted a photo of his mother. Condolences are pouring from film fraternities on the sudden demise of Rahman's mother.

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