Bombay HC asks Maharashtra govt why 65-plus actors can't work

Bombay High Court has questioned the Maharashtra state government regarding its directive that bars actors below 10 and above 65 years from shooting amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
Bombay HC asks Maharashtra govt why 65-plus actors can't work


A petition was been filed by senior Bollywood actor Pramod Pandey on Tuesday against the government directive.
The High Court has asked the state government to explain how senior actors will sustain themselves if they are not allowed to shoot, according to a report in The court also asked the state whether the age limit has been decided on the basis of any report or data.
The court has reportedly asked the government to submit a reply by Friday.
Earlier speaking to India Today, Pandey had said: "It is our constitutional right to work and earn a dignified living. But the state government order doesn't allow us to work. We may survive corona but will die of unemployment and starvation if we don't work. I struggled all my life and earn around 40 thousand per month but now there is no work. In fact there are no audition calls as well. The clause for small kids is understandable, and they have parents to take care of them but what will actors and crew members who are 65 years-plus do? They will die."
Ever since the lockdown started, shooting across film, TV and OTT industries was stalled. As unlock has been initiated, shooting has resumed but senior actors have been prohibited from working, as per the state's new regulation.
A lot of them find it difficult financially as they are out of work over the last four months. Hence they are eagerly looking forward to getting back to the sets, but the state's age-related guideline prevents them from doing so.

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