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'Weinstein groped me, engaged in onanism'

Model Lauren Young, the final accuser in Harvey Weinstein's rape trial, claims that the Hollywood producer masturbated in front of her and groped her breast in a hotel bathroom in February 2013.

Weinstein groped me, engaged in onanism
Harvey Weinstein

Los Angeles

On Wednesday, Young described his naked body saying: "His body was hairy, it had moles on his rolls, a disgusting looking penis."

"It had looked like it had been cut and sewn back on, not a normal looking scar from circumcision. Something didn't look normal and I remember noticing that and I didn't notice balls in the sack. I just saw a penis," she added.

On Wednesday, Young said she first met Weinstein in February 2012 when she was invited by a friend to an Oscars party for Weinstein, reports

She reportedly met Mexican model Claudia Salinas there and told her about a script she was working on based on her life. Salinas gave her her e-mail address. A year later Salinas asked her to bring her script for a meeting with Weinstein at the hotel.

"I was excited. I got ready. I put on my best dress. I was excited to network and pitch my ideas," Young said.

Around 8 p.m. she met Salinas in the lobby of the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills and had a gin and tonic while they waited for Weinstein to arrive.

They chatted about reality TV shows.

Young said: "I said I didn't want to be on reality TV. I was trying to transition into acting, reality TV wasn't what I wanted."

"He said let's finish this conversation upstairs, I have to get ready to present an award with Quentin Tarantino. So I followed."

Weinstein allegedly walked in front of her and Salinas behind as they went up to the hotel room, where he steered her to the bathroom.

"I walked in, saw the living room, I walked right and I kept walking and walked in through the bedroom and into the bathroom, following Harvey," Young said. 'At that point I was wondering where we were headed."

Assistant District Attorney Meghan Hast asked: "Did you know you were going into the bathroom?"

Young said: "No I did not."

She said once in the bathroom, the door closed and Salinas was behind it, trapping her inside.

"I followed Harvey and he was behind me. As I stepped into the bathroom there was a mirror straight ahead. I saw Claudia closing the door," she said.

Weinstein proceeded to get into the shower and undress and rinse himself before emerging nude.

"I stood there in shock. I started laughing, shaking my head. I went to approach the door and at this point he was right in front of me...The shower door was blocking the door to the bathroom. I felt so trapped and I was in shock."

Young said she laughed because "I have never laughed - because I was that scared in my life - so nervously".

"I was worried and scared that he was going to hurt me."

Weinstein allegedly approached her, unzipped her lace dress and told her, "How am I going to know if you can act?"

As Young protested and said "no, no, no", Weinstein allegedly told her "this is what all actresses do to make it".

"He turned me around and grabbed my (right) breast, I was pushed up against the sink. He was pinching my nipple and grabbing hard my breast so I couldn't move," she said.

Weinstein allegedly grabbed her with his left hand and was "jerking off" with his right hand, Young said.

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