Hollywood: “Feels incredible as an actor to go through great scripts”

Actor Toby Leonard Moore, who plays Bryan Connerty in the television series, Billions season 4 that is aired on AXN every weekend at 10pm says that as an actor he feels incredible to read scripts like these and turn through pages.
Hollywood: “Feels incredible as an actor to go through great scripts”
Toby Leonard Moore from Billions season 4


 “The seed that I rode, is now a plant and it’s amazing when it actually pays off. It can be in the ground for seasons before it actually comes out and sometimes things happen the other way and it moves so fast. You think something is going to happen over the course of say 5 or 6 episodes, but it happens in a single episode, an action-packed episode. It’s wonderful to be a part of this.”

Recalling the episodes from the previous season, he says, “Connerty was kind of fed up with Chuck’s dishonesty and may be corruption; I don’t know if it’s too strong a word, but it was probably on Connerty’s mind and took some information to Jeffcoat teamed up with him, did a little bit of a deal with the devil perhaps. And Connerty was made the acting US attorney in the end.”

Talking about Toby’s biggest conflict in season four and what motivates him, he says, “I think, seeing just how dangerous or powerful Chuck is and realising that even though Connerty is now the US Attorney, he is still getting played by Chuck and he’s out in the world. He thinks he is going to win but it’s not actually a win, it’s all been a setup from the beginning. It’s certainly frustrating for him and I think since the beginning I have sort of thought that Connerty might have the potential to have a further stiff fall because of his obsession with integrity, and wanting to do the right thing; so he tends to get blindsided a lot because his mind doesn’t work like that. I think that might be shifting this season. Connerty’s obsession with this integrity might be start to walk down a little bit because he finally understanding that if you want to win anything in these battles, you need to play by the side rules, these guys are playing by. So that’s going to be very interesting this season.”

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