Every law comes with moral responsibility: Meera Chopra

Every law comes with moral responsibility: Meera Chopra

Actress Meera Chopra, who essays a rape survivor in Section 375, says that many a time we misuse the law and that in turn leads to injustice for a genuine victim. “Narrating the character of a rape victim was an eyeopener for me because I was introduced to a reality that I had no idea of.


Whenever a rape case happen, one of the reasons why the survivor does not go to the police station to report is that during the interrogation she is asked extremely uncomfortable questions, they (police) tend to think that the girl is lying,” Meera said.

According to the actress while Article 375 is an important law to protect the rights of women, it has been observed in several research reports that the law has been misused, too. “That is a reason it becomes difficult for a woman to report a rape case. The authorities think it is a fake case because such things have happened in the past. The genuine survivor feels terrified to answer uncomfortable questions after having a horrifying incident of rape. In the end, justice gets denied. We should have a moral responsibility to use law,” explained the actress.

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