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Hollywood: ‘Bobby and Mary start an interesting relationship this season’

Director-producer Robert Singer says that he is excited about Season 14 of his television series Supernatural that is being aired on AXN.

Hollywood: ‘Bobby and Mary start an interesting relationship this season’


“The storytelling involves more personal stories about the guys (Winchester Brothers), which I love the most.

Years ago, [Supernatural creator] Eric Kripke and I were at a Comic-Con panel where one of the questions asked was, “What’s your favorite scene from Supernatural?” Eric said that he liked the scene where they stuck a guy’s hand down an InSinkErator and the hand got chopped off. My favorite scene was from an episode called Faith in which Dean is talking to a character who has terminal cancer, but she has faith that things will work out. Eric said, “Well that’s what makes the show good; Bob cares about those stories and I care about the horror.” In that sense, we will always have the horror – but I always latch onto anything that deals with things on a more interpersonal and emotional level,” he said. Talking about the character Bobby Singer, which he named after himself, he revealed, “That character was supposed to be a one-off. He was supposed to appear in one episode and that was it – but we love Jim and he became Bobby Singer. It’s been my misfortune to have to deal with that over these years. What’s going on with that character in particular in season 14? All I can say is that he and Mary start an interesting relationship.”

Talking about the pre-production work for a season, Robert concluded saying, “When we start a season, we really don’t know exactly where that season is going to end. And furthermore, when we leave these cliffhangers, we don’t know how to solve them, which always makes it interesting to go back into the writer’s room at the start of a new season. It’s great because these cliffhangers get all the writers thinking.”

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