Livestream: How to trick your workplace into funding pet projects...

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Livestream: How to trick your workplace into funding pet projects...
James Cameron


He’s among the most well-known filmmakers in the world and has some of the biggest blockbusters to his credit (Terminator 2, Titanic, Avatar). But James Cameron’s TedTalk catches you by surprise, purely by the subtext of what he chooses to talk about. Of course, he’s made billions making these superhit films, but Cameron’s experiences in his childhood, as a fan of science fiction, the great outdoors and the ocean, played a formative role into his evolution as a proponent of science and technology, and pushing both beyond the realms of human imagination.
Cameron’s boyhood, spent dreaming about the creatures of the abyss led him to become a scuba diver at age 16. Believe it or not, as a Canadian kid living 600 miles from anything resembling an ocean, Cameron needed his scuba certification so bad, he got it in the dead of the winter, in a freezing YMCA pool. That one triumph witnessed him spending upwards of 3,000 hours underwater, and 500 hours in submersibles for the next 40 years, something that he got Hollywood to fund.
The director talks about his sales pitch for Titanic, and how he managed to convince the producers that he had to – at all costs be at the site of the actual shipwreck of the historic vessel, to ensure the ship in the film would look the way it looked. Of course, the producers hadn’t known then that the request was made to satisfy Cameron’s personal need for exploration of the deep unknown and the creatures that had made it their own. It’s a witty reminder of Cameron being someone who learned to play the system and use it for his own personal good. 
Cameron also speaks about the need for being imaginative and allowing oneself to fail. The director, who has managed to hold on to his childlike curiosity has been at the helm of cutting-edge camera engineering technology. When it came to developing solutions to problems that hadn’t yet been addressed, Cameron has been the point man. He is known for several innovations in special effects and has helped design robust camera setups for documentaries dealing with deep sea diving and exploration activities, a job that’s a far cry from his primary job – that of being a director on set. 
If you are looking for a quick dose of inspiration to get you started on that something you have always wanted to do, or maybe even gain some quick insights into multitasking at the workspace, Cameron is the best bet.
Title: Before Avatar… A Curious Boy?
Synopsis: Director James Cameron’s big-budget (and even bigger-grossing) films create unreal worlds all their own. Here he talks about his childhood fascination with the fantastic – from sci-fi to deep-sea diving – and how he found ways to keep his pet passions alive 

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