I will be part of any bloc that would selflessly think about the nation: Kamal Haasan

Sources said that Haasan is negotiating with DMK for an alliance to contest in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls

Update: 2024-02-21 16:43 GMT

MNM Chief Kamal Haasan 

CHENNAI: Actor and MNM founder Kamal Haasan on Wednesday said that his party would support any bloc that would selflessly think about the nation but would not join hands with those doing "local feudal politics".

"I have already said, this is the time when you have to blur party politics and think about the nation. Anybody who thinks selflessly about the nation, my MNM will be part of it. But we won't join hands with those doing "local feudal politics, " he told reporters here after hoisting the MNM flag to mark the 7th-anniversary celebrations of the party. He was responding to a question about whether MNM will join the multi-party opposition INDIA bloc.

Asked if he has joined the INDIA grouping, he said, "No, I haven't." On his party's possible political alliance, he said the discussions are on for the alliance for the Lok Sabha polls and any good news in this regard will be communicated to the media.

Sources said that Haasan is negotiating with DMK for an alliance to contest in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls.

When asked about actor Vijay's party, he said that he welcomed the recent political entry of Vijay and he spoke to him.

While addressing his party cadres, Haasan took on his critics who questioned him over pursuing both film and political careers simultaneously. Stating that there is no full time politician as such, he said that he entered politics to pay back the love shown by the people.

Haasan said that he lost the Coimbatore South Assembly seat by a margin of 1,728 votes because over 90,000 people did cast their vote.

He said that 40 per cent of the Indian population do not cast their votes. "If all of them voted, everything would become all right. Instead of questioning them, you are questioning me. I am asked why I am not a full time politician, what is that you are doing full time? You are not even a full time citizen of the country when 40 per cent of you are sitting at home without voting. In that case an upright politician who only spends within the ECI limit of 95 lakh can never win."

Actor-Politician hit out at the ruling BJP led NDA government at the centre for discriminating Tamil Nadu and other Southern states with Northern state's. He said that Tamil Nadu is being punished for strictly adhering to family planning.

He recalled former chief minister CN Annadurai's remark that they had withdrawn the demand for the Dravida Nadu but the reason for it still remains. "That reason still remains even now, " he said.

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