Another faux pas emerges at Thiruvalluvar University

PG Mathematics students get questions from UG syllabus during 3rd semester exams

Update: 2023-12-10 01:30 GMT

Thiruvallur University

VELLORE: The Vellore-based Thiruvalluvar University seems to be muddling from one scandal to another.

First, it was about results being declared in instalments where those who had written well did not get the expected marks. Then it was about 2021 question papers being repeated ditto in 2023 followed by teachers opposing the varsity’s proposed ODVS (online digital valuation system).

The latest was when on December 8, II-year postgraduate (PG) Mathematics students were given a question paper for the third semester, and stunningly all questions were from the undergraduate (UG) syllabus, sources said.

Teachers were in a ferment not knowing what to do. The students too became nervous about marks as their futures depended on it.

“The university did not accord the issue the seriousness it needed,” said former professor Kumar Subbu.

Former Mathematics professor and chairman of the university’s PG Board of Studies (Maths) Suresh Manohar was more blunt when he said that the latest issue showed the failure of the system in the university.

Elaborating he said, “The UG syllabus has the subject “Programming in C” whereas the PG syllabus has the subject “Programming using C++” which is an advanced version of the original.

However, all questions in the question paper (November/December 2023 DOCS35 B/GOCS35B – Programming using C++) had questions relating to only C.”


The questions that were compiled for PG third semester exams had queries from the syllabus meant for undergraduates

Teacher associations said that when they informed the university about this the latter demanded to know how students would be affected a reference to the possibility of being allotted grace marks.

“When students forget what they learned one semester ago, how are they expected to remember what they studied in their UG,” Suresh Manohar demanded.

Varsity exam controller Babu Janarthanam said, “Such occurrences are common. The issue will be referred to the PG Mathematics Board of Studies which will then decide on the allotment of marks.”

“The controller’s answer seems to be about passing the buck. Action should be taken on those involved in the varsity is to be seen as transparent,” Suresh Manohar said.

Asked about marks allotment he said, “As a former board of studies chairman, I feel that students who attempted to answer questions using either C or C++ will be allotted marks as otherwise blindly giving marks to all will ensure total pass. But it waits to be seen how and how soon the university will respond to the issue.”


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