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A govt dividing people for politics must not be allowed: Kanimozhi

On February 27, the Prime Minister will visit Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

A govt dividing people for politics must not be allowed: Kanimozhi

DMK leader K Kanimozhi

CHENNAI: DMK Deputy General Secretary Kanimozhi Karunanidhi on Monday said that the people must not allow a government which divides people on the basis of religion for political gain must be allowed to be formed at the Union after the ensuing Parliamentary polls.

Speaking at the meeting held at Anna Arivalayam to elicit public views for preparing the party's poll manifesto for the ensuing Lok Sabha polls, Kanimozhi said, "The ensuing (Parliamentary) election is a very important one. It is not just a matter of political victory. It will decide what the country would be. We must perceive the election as an opportunity to ensure that the country welcomed and treated all states equally and respected the states' rights and the federal principle of the Constitution."

"A government which respects the ordinary people must be formed. We must not accept a government which will divide people on the basis of religion for political gains," the DMK deputy general secretary and Thoothukudi MP said.

"A government which cared about the welfare of the country and respected the Constitution, Tamil Nadu and Tamil language must be formed at the union," she added, accusing the BJP regime of gradually snatching away the rights of states and self-respect and freedom of expression of the people.

Remarking that the people, mainly farmers, were disgruntled and traders were struggling to do business in the new GST regime, the DMK deputy general secretary said that the BJP regime in Delhi was unwilling to lend ears when they aired the views on the people's grievances.

Kanimozhi and team, who have been touring the state for a fortnight now, were eliciting the views of party workers and people from Kancheepuram and surrounding districts Monday.

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