Representative Image (Image Credit: IANS)
Representative Image (Image Credit: IANS)

Russia-Ukraine crisis bolsters Chinese plans of invading Taiwan: Report

As the entire world is watching the situation developing on the Russia-Ukraine border closely, there is another such disaster in waiting i.e, China's plans of invading Taiwan, said a media report.


In its report, the Washington-based group Global Strat View said, the recent cases of large-scale incursions by Chinese fighters jets in Taiwan's airspace and Beijing's open warning to the US of a military conflict indicate that China is gearing up for the forced takeover of the self-governing island, Taiwan. 
According to Global Strat View, Beijing is just watching the world's reaction to the Russia- Ukraine crisis and how major military powers would intervene if Russia invades. 
These developments appear to be deciding the future discourse of China's expansionist plan. China considers Taiwan an integral part of China and has never minced words about its intention to annex it in whichever way possible. 
A Chinese invasion of Taiwan will be more severe than the current Ukraine crisis, and it will not remain just a regional conflict but may flare up into a major armed conflict involving the major western nations, Global Strat View reported. 
It further said that China has been taking strong exceptions to different countries trying to forge ties with Taiwan.
Slovenia is the latest country that received barbs from Beijing as it decided to set up its representative office in Taiwan. 
Responding to it, Beijing called it "dangerous" and warned Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa of not underestimating China's "strong resolution, will, and capability to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity," of which Taiwan is an "inalienable part," the Washington-based group reported. 
"If Taiwanese people want to live independently, we are here to support also this position. And I think this is the main issue," Jansa had said. In November 2021, another European country Lithuania had allowed Taiwan to open a de facto embassy under the name 'Taiwan.' It had irked Beijing as it saw the move challenging the very concept of "One China Policy". China imposed economic sanctions against Lithuania and stopped all imports from the European nation. 
The message was clear that any country trying to build ties with Taiwan would be met with economic coercion. European Union (EU) had to pitch in as any inaction would mean further pressure from China. 
The EU underlined its commitment to the One China Policy but maintained that it would pursue cooperation and exchanges with Taiwan in areas of common interest.
Yet, China ignored it and continued with the coercion of Lithuania, which led the EU to launch a WTO case against China, Global Strat View reported. 
It further reported that there have always been concerns about China taking military action and annexing Taiwan to the mainland. 
China recently sent 52 warplanes into the Taiwan defense zone, the most significant incursion since October 2021 and the second-largest on record.
China is sending a message to the US and Japan, which have been carrying out naval activities in the region. 
The US criticized China for intimidating Taiwan, which it called was "destabilizing, risks miscalculation, and undermines regional peace and stability," Global Strat View reported. Recently, the US approved of a USD 100 million missile defense sale to Taiwan. Meanwhile, China has warned the US of dire consequences if it encourages Taiwan's independence.

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