Chennai-based dermatologist debunks popular skincare myths
Dermatologist Dr Bhuvanashree N

Chennai-based dermatologist debunks popular skincare myths

Dr Bhuvanashree says that as far as skincare is concerned the most basic step is to ensure that you wash your face 3 – 4 times a day with a cleanser.

CHENNAI: Talking to DT Next, Dr Bhuvanashree N, a dermatologist who runs her own clinic, Buviis Dermagicalz in Adyar, debunks a few popular skincare myths and explains a routine that will suit individuals of all skin types.

Dr Bhuvanashree says that as far as skincare is concerned the most basic step is to ensure that you wash your face 3 – 4 times a day with a cleanser.

“Face is sebaceous and acidic by nature; oil is naturally produced on your face, with the quantity differing from person to person and the pH level of the face is 5.75. People who use normal soaps with pH above 7 damage the skin which causes breakouts.”

Talking about the popular CTM (Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser) routine, she says that toner is not required.

“Toners initially were used to remove soap remnants, chunks of dirt due to pollution, and hard water in the skin’s pores. Now, the water is softer and cleansers do a good job of clearing the pores. As the face is already acidic in nature, the alcohol in these toners will disrupt the natural pH levels and lead to allergies, rashes, and acne.”

Scrubbing has been said to be one of the most effective ways to get the dirt off anything, even the face, but Dr Bhuvanashree disagrees. She says, “Loofahs, fancy scrubs, and other scrubbing material that people use on their body and face must not be encouraged at all. Because what they are doing is not scrubbing dirt off but a layer of their own skin. The topmost layer of our skin which are basically cells will start growing rapidly because of the scrubbing and will result in thicker and rough skin.

“Often at times, it also leads to pigmentation. To draw a comparison, due to friction, our inner thighs are darker than the rest of the body. Therefore, scrubbing is a big no.”

She says that as much as our elders have told us oil is good for our scalp, in reality, it is not. She adds that the increase in pollution, heat, and dust creates unfavourable conditions for the scalp, leading to dandruff.

She also says that the solution to dandruff is not oil and it will only aggravate the condition as the oil will not allow the normal shedding process to take place.

Unlearning things we have learned in the past is the right way forward when it comes to skincare. Dr Bhuvanashree says, “Cleansing your face using your cleanser, applying sunscreen, and using targeted treatment creams at the night is all that is required.”

She specifically draws attention to sunscreens saying, “Sunscreens claim to offer 24 hours protection but none of them do. They usually wear out after 3-4 hours of application and need to be topped up. After the first application, use a gentle non-comedogenic cleanser and wash your face. Apply sunscreen generously and do a patch test if you are trying out a product and are prone to allergies and breakouts.”

She emphasises the usage of sunscreen, both indoor and outdoor. She explains that the blue light or HEV (High Energy Visible) light that is emitted from our electronic devices can do more harm than we can fathom.

“Lastly, following a proper diet is necessary; and by diet, not the ABC juice diet or any other fancy diet, but eating enough, adequate and wholesome food. Blackseed grapes, papaya, nuts, and cucumber are really good for the skin. Avoid refined sugar, maida, and any food that is oily. Skincare is simple, it’s all about taking care of yourself the right way,” she concludes.

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