Here's Why You Feel Fatigued Even After A Good Night's Sleep

Have you ever felt lethargic and tired even after getting a good night's sleep? We've all been there!
Here's Why You Feel Fatigued Even After A Good Night's Sleep
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There are times when we tend to sleep well on time without any disturbances at night; however, there is this feeling of fatigue that sustains through the day, which can lead to mood swings and grogginess. What is it that is sabotaging your sleep, especially when you are actually following the 8-hour rule? If you have been feeling the same for quite some time now, you must read further.
First, what's the brain up to?
According to a study published in the journal Science, brain has this unique method of cleansing itself, which is known as glymphatic system that is highly active during sleep, clearing away all the toxins that would otherwise build up and trigger various neurological issues that may include Alzheimer's disease, dementia, etc. This system may also be a reason for a sound sleep at night.
If you are still heavy-eyed and fatigued in the morning, these might be the reasons-
1. You May Be Dehydrated
One of the key reasons to feel fatigued after a good night's sleep is that you may not be hydrated enough. Without adequate water intake, blood pressure may dip significantly, slowing the delivery of oxygen to the brain, which can further lead to tiredness the next day. Make sure you drink lots of water through the day and not just before going to bed; because you don't want to keep visiting the washroom several times at night.
2. You Indulged In Binge-Drinking
One of the reasons could be your drinking habits. Bingeing on alcohol may give you a good sleep, but can leave your body dehydrated. The chemicals in the alcohol may disrupt your sleep cycle preventing you from entering in deep sleep. Not that we are asking you to completely give up on your favourite drink, but to reduce it as much as you can, especially at night.
3. You Are Mineral Deficient
Minerals play an important role in keeping your body balanced. Out of these important minerals, magnesium helps in maintaining blood glucose levels and muscle health; lack of which can leave you feeling fatigued and lethargic. So eat more green leafy vegetables and nuts to ensure a good night's sleep and a happy and energetic morning.
4. Your Digestion Game Is Not Up To The Mark
One of the major components that help you get a good night's sleep is melatonin. The building block of melatonin is serotonin, 95 percent of which is in our gut and is produced by the intestines. Your gut and digestive system will ensure a good level of production of serotonin, which in turn will give you a peaceful sleep. So, make sure your digestive system is healthy; therefore add more fiber rich foods to your diet to get your gut to work.
5. You May Be Physically Unhealthy
Being physically unfit may also be one of the reasons here; which could mean you may be suffering from thyroid, iron deficiency and diabetes. If in case you have one of these problems, consult your doctor and get it cured.

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