Nippy weather brings in sore throat woes

Nippy weather brings with it several cases of sore throat across the city. Doctors cite the change in temperature, pollution and constant exposure to air conditioners at work as main reasons.
Nippy weather brings in sore throat woes
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After a spate of dengue cases in the previous months, now it is time for a bout of viral infections, says citybased doctors. “Now, it is time for sore throat; I am seeing many people complaining of the condition every day,” says Dr R Sundararaman, consultant, Internal Medicine and Diabetologist. 
He explains that sore throat is a result of allergy. “When the temperature is low and fog sets in, the air is laden with pollution and this often results in sore throat among people,” he says. “There is at least some respite for those in Chennai, where we have the movement of air between land and sea,” he says and adds that Delhiites are reeling under the effect of smog. Sundararaman adds that those sitting in closed air conditioned offices bear the brunt the most during this time, “For those sitting in closed offices all day, it is only worse as each of them is breathing the same virus-laden air from the ACs.” 
An annual vaccine for seasonal flu can offer a lot of relief, says Dr P Sivaraj of Fortis Malar Hospital. He has been seeing several cases of cold and runny nose for a few days. He adds, “Apart from this vaccine, a pneumococcal vaccine can also help those who have cardiac issues or those with asthma and other respiratory diseases. The vaccine can benefit those with low immunity so that the flu doesn’t advance to pneumonia.” 
There are two types of vaccines — pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine. Dr Sivaraj says, “These vaccines are one-time shots and protect people from 13 types of pneumococcal bacteria, while the other protects one from 23 types.”

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