Vax centres giving Covaxin 1st dose despite instructions against it

The State health department had instructed the healthcare staff to only administer Covaxin for the second dose only as there is a large number of people waiting for it. But the vaccination centres with the supply of Covaxin are also administering it for the first dose in case of Covishield shortage and no demand for the second dose of Covaxin to avoid wastage.
Vax centres giving Covaxin 1st dose despite instructions against it
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Healthcare workers at vaccination centres say that, in case of limited availability of Covishield, they administer Covaxin for the first dose.
“We did not have stock of Covishield for the past two days and more than 132 people turned up for vaccination at the centre by 12 pm on Tuesday. We usually administer 300-400 doses of vaccines on an everyday basis and with no availability of Covishield, we gave the first dose of Covaxin. It is better to avoid wastage than turn away people,” said an official from the Greater Chennai Corporation at Kathirevedu vaccination centre in Puzhal on Tuesday.
Though the demand for Covaxin was more due to limited availability a few months ago, the vaccination centres have adequate doses now. “There is a regular supply of Covaxin from the Centre. As more people ask for Covishield these days, mainly because other countries have not approved Covaxin, there is no shortage of Covaxin second dose,” said a vaccinating officer in Kolathur.
However, State health department officials stress on administering Covaxin for the second dose as those who got Covaxin first dose are still waiting for the second. “Since more people are waiting for Covaxin second dose, we have instructed centres to save Covaxin for them. In case any vaccination centre provides first dose of Covaxin, we will ensure that it is discontinued,” said Dr T S Selvavinayagam, director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine.

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