BJP organ ‘Ore Naadu’ gets new lease of life after Annamalai’s appeal

Newly inducted state BJP president K Annamalai has brought a new lease of life for the BJP party organ ‘Ore Naadu’.
BJP organ ‘Ore Naadu’ gets new lease of life after Annamalai’s appeal
BJP State President K Annamalai (File Photo)


Annamalai has urged the party cadres and functionaries to avoid shawls, garlands and sweets while greeting him and had urged the cadres to divert the money for subscription of party organ ‘Ore Naadu’. 
The appeal by the state president has increased the online subscription enquiry by 60 per cent and we are elated over the surge in new online subscription of our fortnightly,” said ‘Ore Naadu’, magazine editor Nambi Narayanan. 
“We closed down our print circulation due to over heads and were just able to manage the break even, but this announcement by the state president has boosted the morale of the magazine staff and now we will reach out to more karyakarta’s to spread the agenda and the objectivity of BJP,” Narayanan said. 
According to BJP sources, the idea coincides with what Dravidian stalwarts Annadurai and M Karunanidhi did to increase the subscription of DMK party organ. 
“We are confident that like our vote bank, the party’s mouth organ will now reach to more homes and this will force the BJP workers to read a lot and help them to be a better campaigner for the BJP which is trying hard to strengthen its vote bank in the Dravidian heartland, BJP sources said.

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