‘Raising edu standards may be the way forward for students’

The first bench of the Madras High Court led by Chief Justice Banerjee on pointing out that an alternative point of view to raise the standard of school education may be the way forward for students of the State to compete favourably with others in NEET is equally possible, said, “Courts cannot rush in and interdict notifications or steps taken on policy or garnering public opinion or the like.”
‘Raising edu standards may be the way forward for students’
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“It is a question of policy as to whether the bar has to be raised at the school level or the bar has to be lowered at medical admission level and such matters of policy are resolved by discussion and discussion begins with the other point of view,” the court stressed while dismissing the plea moved BJP general secretary K Nagarajan, “While some citizens may feel that it is a waste of resources to spend funds on the Constitution and maintenance of such a committee or that the costs incurred are better spent on COVID-19 relief, these are choices that an elected government has to take and indeed, in the Constitutional scheme, has the freedom to take,” the order stated.
Expressing its disinclination to take up the matter further, the court orally observed that the case has attracted enough publicity and media attention. It also set aside the submissions made by Additional Solicitor General R Sankaranarayanan for the Central government, who cited Articles 162, 245, 254 and 256 of the Constitution as nothing to do with the issuance of the notification. “None has been called upon, not even the State and it is not the business of the Court to play to the galleries, indulging in discussions which are beyond the scope of lisor to widen the malady sought to be arrested by the lis,” the court concluded.

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