Heavy rains disrupt power supply in many parts of Madurai

Heavy rains lashed parts of Madurai late on Wednesday providing respite from hot weather in the city.
Heavy rains disrupt power supply in many parts of Madurai
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Though it poured heavily for an hour, it was accompanied by heavy thunder and lightning storms which caused major damage to electric infrastructure and network, sources said. The heavy downpour triggered power outages at several locations in Madurai since 8 pm. The rainy night kept several residents in parts of Kochadai, Doak Nagar and Virattipathu and its surroundings awake till Thursday morning and as they experienced power cuts.
A resident of Kochadai, Ramachandran, who spent a sleepless night, said the inverter battery ran out of backup. However, it’s a challenging task for the Tangedco personnel as they were keenly engaged in restoring the power supply. According to sources from Tangedco, strong winds downed several trees and power lines, causing power outages. Nearly 30 electricity poles were damaged by destructive winds. With limited human resources, the personnel worked throughout the night to ensure the entire supply is back before daybreak on Thursday.

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