3 Bangladeshi nationals held with fake Aadhaar cards in Tirupur

Three Bangladeshi nationals were arrested on Thursday for staying illegally without valid documents in Tirupur district.
3 Bangladeshi nationals held with fake Aadhaar cards in Tirupur
Police taking the three Bangladesh nationals into custody in Tirupur district on Thursday


The trio identified as Saifful Islam, 40, Shimul Gazi, 29 and Mannan Mollal, 31, were also found to be in possession of fake Aadhaar cards. Their illegal stay came to light after their house owner Manikandan from Ammapalayam found them with fake Aadhaar cards issued with fake addresses in West Bengal. Police said that the three foreign nationals were staying on rent in his house since April and were working as labourers in a textile firm in the Rakkipalayam area. “Manikandan had asked for a photocopy of their passport as proof of their identity. But the trio claimed that they have given their identity proof in the firm, which however remains closed due to COVID-19. When the house owner again insisted for the proof, they gave him the fake Aadhaar cards. As he questioned them on its genuineness, the trio turned violent and attacked him and also issued death threats,” police said.
On receiving information, Thirumuruganpoondi police secured the three persons for interrogation. Police seized their fake Aadhaar cards and they were also found to be staying illegally over the last several years. Police have booked them on various counts, including illegal stay and they were taken to be lodged in Puzhal prison in Chennai.

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