Mistaking fits for being possessed, woman, sisters murder 7-yr-old son

In a tragic incident, a mother killed her seven-year-old son with the help of her two sisters near Kannamangalam town panchayat office in Vellore-Tiruvannamalai border early on Monday. Police arrested all the three women, who were sisters.
Mistaking fits for being possessed, woman, sisters murder 7-yr-old son
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The incident came to light when residents heard the screams of the little boy during wee hours near the town panchayat office at Kannamangalam, which is located 20 km from Vellore. They also rushed out to the scene and found the boy Sabari (7) unconscious. Whey they questioned the women about the boy, they chased them away. Following it, the residents informed the police and called for an ambulance to save the boy. However, the emergency medical technician who arrived in the ambulance declared the boy as dead and immediately the police arrested the three women. 
Interrogation revealed that the dead Sabari was the son of Thilagavathi (30) and that the other two women were her sisters Kavitha (19) and Bagyalakshmi (20). The sisters were residents of Airyur on the outskirts of Vellore. Thilagavathi, the mother of the boy, was married to one Karthi who died two years ago and hence she came to live with her sisters. 
It was found that Thilagavathi indulged in occult practices and she felt her son was possessed. Hence, on Sunday night they decided to take him to Vandavasi by auto for a cure. But, the auto driver they hired refused to travel nearly 100 km during the lockdown and dropped them off near Kannamangalam bus stand. They stayed near the town panchayat office there. However, early on Monday, the boy developed fits and the trio thinking that he was possessed by evil spirits assaulted and killed him on the spot.

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