CMC technician develops simple machine to produce oxygen

At a time when the pandemic is gobbling hundreds of lives every day, an anesthesia technician attached to the CMC Hospital has developed a simple oxygen producing machine that can be made for less than Rs 200 at home itself.
CMC technician develops simple machine to produce oxygen
Rajan Charles with the home-made oxygen machine in Vellore


Explaining how the machine should be made, Rajan Charles, the technician, told DT Next that he came up with the idea of making an oxygen producing machine after seeing media reports that thousands of patients were dying for want of oxygen across the country every day. “All it needs is a small vessel, a steel or copper rod sold in all hardware shops, a measuring jar and plastic tube with nose cover which when placed over the nose and mouth ensures oxygen supply to the lungs.”
“The process is simple. Fit a metal rod to the bottom of a vessel with adhesive so that the rod is not directly in contact with the vessel’s bottom, otherwise it may cause a short circuit. Pour some water into the vessel and provide power – only direct current (DC) or solar power. The unit should not be connected to the main power supply. Also 10 grams of potassium hydroxide for 1 litre of water must be added. Then a plastic measuring jar must be placed over the copper rod which acts as the anode and when power is provided, the resulting electrolysis leads to water being split into hydrogen (negative) and oxygen (positive) with oxygen bubbling inside the measuring jar while hydrogen escapes into the air. Then the person can place the plastic cover and inhale pure oxygen” he explained.
“Instead of a measuring jar even an old, 1 litre plastic bottle can be placed over the anode and the tube with nose cover connected to the upturned bottle’s bottom so that oxygen can be inhaled” he added.
Rajan Charles had earlier modelled a solar powered bus and a solar powered cycle. He is now seeking government aid to create an ICU ambulance where in emergencies even operations can be performed at accident spots.

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