All evidence prove torture, deliver justice quickly: Jayaraj-Bennix family

The tragic deaths of P Jayaraj and his son J Bennix, who became victims of alleged police brutality, which provoked a national outcry, in June this year, are still heavy on the hearts of the daughters and relatives.
All evidence prove torture, deliver justice quickly: Jayaraj-Bennix family
Sathankulam traders Jayaraj and his son Bennix


It certainly caused the victims an agonizing death. While Bennix died on the night of June 22 in Kovilpatti Government Headquarters Hospital, his father, the other victim died in the early morning of June 23 in the hospital, sources said.
“While relatives of victims are still deep in grief over the agonizing deaths, a shocking revelation came to us by the way of a recent report from Central Forensic Science Lab in connection with the case,” Vinoth, son-in-law of the late Jayaraj said on Tuesday, when contacted. The report says the DNA samples collected from the walls of Sathankulam station, toilet room and lathis matched the samples of Jayaraj and Bennix. Much to agony, the family was deeply pained to know that both the victims were forced to clean up their blood that oozed from their bodies.
The arrogance of Sathankulam police is testimony to the fact that they died agonizing deaths. This type of tragedy should not happen to any family, he added. The aggrieved family feels that justice delayed may not be justice denied as all of them rest their hopes in the judiciary.
Another close relative, said with the arrest of 10 cops, filing of charge sheet before court and a detailed forensic report, all injustices came to light and therefore the family has legitimate hopes of winning justice for the deceased father and son.

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