SR plan for post lockdown: End-to-end services, limited halts

The Southern Railway (SR) has started elaborate preparations for resuming train services during or post-lockdown. Work commenced after a videoconference of the board officials and all zonal managers took place on April 27.
SR plan for post lockdown: End-to-end services, limited halts
Lines drawn to maintain social distance at Egmore station


Chief Security Commissioners of all zones have written to their respective divisional security heads to come up with a list of protocols to resume operations.
Going by one such circular sent by the zonal security headquarters to the divisions (copy available with DT Next) on April 28, trains could be operated in end-to-end basis covering major stations. The zones have asked the divisional security commissioners to consult their respective Divisional Railway Managers (DRM) and identify list of stations from where trains could be started and terminated and the number of unauthorized entry/exit points for closure at such stations. The security commissioners have also been instructed to instal CCTV cameras at entry and exit points. RailTel has been asked to take the assistance of GRP, commercial and S&T officials, if required, to install the cameras in a week.
Principal Chief Security Commissioners have sought a report on the action taken on the circular within three days — from April 28. A highly placed zonal Railway officer at SR headquarters confirmed the preparations being made by the zone and they have identified Chennai Central, Chennai Egmore and Tambaram stations for resuming train operations in Chennai division. “Only reserved passengers with valid reserved tickets would be allowed to enter stations. No platform tickets would be issued. Non-travellers would not be allowed to accompany travellers. Travelers would be allowed to enter the station only an hour before the journey commences,” the officer said. A holding area would be kept ready outside the station to accommodate travellers who turn up early.
“We have planned temporary tents to contain such travellers,” the officer added.
Authorities have also planned to maintain distance between trains by not operating on adjacent platforms. “Arrangements are being made to allow travellers to only occupy alternate seats even at stations,” the officer added.
Officials are still considering non-allocation of middle berths in second sleeper and AC tierIII and middle seats in second sitting coaches.

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