Bedi’s Bahour Lake trail marks end of ‘Mission Green Puducherry’

Lt Governor Kiran Bedi on her 234th weekend morning round on Saturday inaugurated the Bahour Lake Trail by walking 3.5km along the eastern and northern bunds of the lake.
Bedi’s Bahour Lake trail marks end of ‘Mission Green Puducherry’
Lt Governor Kiran Bedi conducting a pooja during her Bahour Lake Trail on her 234th weekend morning round


The Lt Governor on her 232nd visit to the Bahour lake had dedicated the visit in memory of former union minster Arun Jaitley and announced that the completion of the 3000 tree saplings under ‘Mission Green Puducherry’ would be celebrated.

According to a Raj Nivas release, the planting of 4,500 saplings with the participation of students, NGOs and volunteers was completed on Friday and the same was celebrated on Saturday.

The trail from the starting point to the ending point is of 3.125km and along with the participants, bullock-carts with music system and children moved till the end.

The 200-year-old Lascars quarters in the northern most part of the bund which is painted recently attracted the attention of the participants.

On reaching the northernmost point, the participants had a glimpse of the carved figures of Bangari and Singari sisters, who are credited to have provided the irrigation system in Bahour.

There is reference about these sisters in the Latin inscription (belonging to mid-19th century) found in the western side of Aayi Mandapam.

While Bangari is credited to have excavated the Bangaru Channel, which brings water from Pennyar to Bahour lake, Singari is credited to have desilted the Bahour lake and strengthened its bunds ,thereby, ensuring continuous flow of water into the Bahour lake and ultimately made Bahour as the “Rice Bowl” of Puducherry.

The figures of two dancing girls carved in granite slabs and found at the northern sluice gate floor of Bahour lake is believed to be set up in memory of the sisters.

It is believed that during the renovation of Bahour lake in those golden days, one local chief by name Eramadi protected the lake and he is now worshipped as the Eramadi Iyyanaar.

The Bahour Lake Trail (walk way) concluded in the Eramadi Iyyanaar temple situated at the northern end.
Lt Governor losesmobile, later foundit completely broken

Lt Governor Kiran Bedi lost her cell phone while taking part in the trail at the Bahour Lake on Saturday. As the cars could not reach the lake bund, three bullock-carts were arranged and the Lt Governor, along with Raj Nivas members, travelled in one of the carts. She was taking videos with her cell phone and when the bullock-cart reached a slushy area, Bedi gave the phone to his woman PA. After some time, when she sought the phone from the PA, it was found missing. Thereafter, this was announced through a loud speaker and the police and Raj Nivas staff started a search for the phone. After one hour, the totally broken phone was found and handed over to Bedi. It is understood that the mobile phone fell down from the bullock-cart and the carts coming behind ran over it.

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