Not just food and drinks, now pubs offer trivia to patrons

For years, Chennai’s cafes, restaurants and pubs have been lacking any kind of entertainment with patrons confined to mostly just dining. But of late, there’s been a buzz around many popular spaces in the city hosting interactive events every week that is drawing in college students and other youngsters this holiday season.
Not just food and drinks, now pubs offer trivia to patrons
An interactive event under way at a restaurant


The change is ushered in by ‘Buzzed’: a platform that conceptualises interactive sessions for all dine-outs such as quizzes, trivia nights and so on. Inspired by spaces in other metros across the country, this first-of-its-kind initiative based in Chennai is adding new flavour to the city’s nightlife scene.

“Apart from bands playing at concerts, pubs or cafes in Chennai have no other entertainment value. The general idea about quizzing is that it’s only for intellectuals or bookish people, we wanted to break that stereotype and make it an entertaining affair. Our trivia nights aren’t just about general knowledge, but we make it fun, infuse pop culture and so on,” says Akash Vi. R, who is part of the core team behind ‘Buzzed’.

Pubs like 10 Downing Street, Sherlock’s, Velveteen Rabbit and so on are some of their local venue partners, where the team have held weekly or monthly interactive events that have garnered a loyal fan following. “The whole concept originated in the UK originally; where a certain format is followed. But we have changed it a little bit here to make it more interesting – such as a free shot or pint of beer every right answer, or 1+1 coupons, etc. As of now, we have also entered the Bengaluru and Mumbai markets,” Akash adds.

They also do one-off events and themed sessions based on popular topics like football, cricket, other sport, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Harry Potter and so on for which a large number of Chennaiites turn up. “It took some time to catch on as people found the idea intrusive, complained when the music was turned off… but now, it’s caught on and we have people who turn up to spaces wherever we are hosting every week! We are looking to team up with luxury hotels in the city next to take the idea further,” he concludes.

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