Downpour brings down boulders in Vellore

Power drillers were used to break up the lone huge boulder which rolled down hill at Kagithapattarai in Arcot Road and almost threatened to raze a house down after intermittent rain in Vellore.
Downpour brings down boulders in Vellore
Corporation officials cutting the boulder in Vellore on Saturday


Vellore Corporation and revenue officials rushed to the spot to break up the huge boulder on Saturday. On Friday evening, five boulders atop the hill abutting Kagithapattarai rolled down the hill. On hearing the sound, twenty residents of Nainiappan Street at the foot of the hill, ran to the road. Though four boulders stopped after they hit the rocks and shrubs on the hillock, one boulder continued to roll down and stopped short of razing a house downhill.

Affected residents immediately informed revenue officials and Vellore tahsildar K Ramesh and other officials visited the spot. On Saturday morning, officials started their work to break up the lone boulder using power drills. Later in the day, officials called on residents to plant saplings on the hills as it stopped the other boulders from injuring residents and their properties.

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