Expect new buses in state roads from May
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Expect new buses in state roads from May

After drawing flak from the public over the continuing poor condition of buses despite the steep hike in fare, the transport department has put the procurement of new vehicles on the fast track. The first batch of new buses would hit the road by May end, while the remaining will be put in service in the subsequent months.


The tender for buying 2,100 moffusil buses for the transport corporations will also include 100 small buses, sources added. Details accessed by DT Next show that the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) in Chennai would get 345 buses, while other transport regions like Villupuram and Madurai are also set to receive new buses.
Even as the transport department kept assuring that it would procure new buses for long time, the officials faced hurdles including fund crunch and confusion in floating tenders. However, the department came under scathing criticism for operating the buses in poor condition, many of them quite aged, after the unpopular fare hike.
“Considering these factors, we decided to procure 2,100 new buses including small buses without any further delay. Accordingly, we have arranged tentative programmes, under which a total of 200 buses will hit the road on May 31, while 500 more buses will be operated from June 30. Similarly, the department will flag off 700 buses on July 31, and an additional 600 buses from August 31,” said an official seeking anonymity. He added other transport regions like Coimbatore, Kumbakonam and Salem would also receive a considerable number of buses. Route rationalisation would be done for high patronage. Daniel Robinson, programme manager, Chennai City Connect, said, “It is a welcome move. The transport department can gradually procure a sizable number of new buses to attract passengers.” A senior transport official said, “We are scrutinising the age of the buses in our fleet. Vehicles running beyond the prescribed limit will be replaced.”

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