Kamal Haasan names political tour after MGR film

Borrowing the legacy of yesteryear superstar and late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MG Ramachandran, actor Kamal Haasan has named his state-wide political tour starting February 21 as 'Naalai Namathey' after the title of the film starring MGR.
Kamal Haasan names political tour after MGR film
Kamal Haasan


Haasan, who has announced his foray into politics in Tamil Nadu, today unveiled his plans to adopt a village and make it a model one, with special focus on education, transport and civic amenities.
Writing in his weekly series 'Ennul Maiyam Konda Puyal,' (The Storm Centered in me) in Tamil magazine 'Ananda Vikatan,' Haasan sub-titled this week's column as "Munmathiri Gramam...Nalai Namathey Payanam. Muzhu Arasiyal Plan," meaning "Model Village...Tomorrow is ours tour. Full Political plan."
On borrowing the legacy of MGR to name his tour, Haasan acknowledged it would remind of the yesteryear veteran.
"If the memories are about him (MGR), so be it.. We have given this name as they are good memories," Haasan said.
Recalling that he and his fans have been involved in public service for many years, Haasan said that they have now decided to adopt a village and provide all required amenities, with special focus on education, sanitation, drinking water supply and transport, and make it a model village.
"Laptops and mobile phones cannot be eaten. But only they have reached many (in villages). I won't accept that mere provision of laptops will ensure knowledge. You need knowledge to operate that (laptop)," he said, apparently taking a dig at the AIADMK government's free laptop distribution scheme for students.
He said people should be taught the art of catching fish as that alone would ensure them a life of self-respect, a reference to job creation.
"If things can be changed single-handedly (by him), and if the government which considers it all powerful gets into the act and does better things than me, I will consider my job as done. There is no point tweeting (about issues). I have rained tweets, but what to do they don't reach them," Haasan said in an apparent reference to the government.
The award-winning actor, who first took on the ruling AIADMK over its alleged corruption, has been critical of the government on various issues, including the latest revision in bus fares.
He said he has decided to hit the ground with his public work and 'Naalai Namathey' was an effort in this regard.
The actor-director has announced that he will go on a state-wide tour starting February 21, and he is likely to name the outfit proposed to be launched by him during the tour.

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