Blue Whale suicide: Madurai boy could be TN’s first victim

A 19-year-old college student Vignesh (19) from Mottamalai village near Vilacheri in Madurai district committed suicide by hanging in his house on Wednesday. The police, however, claim that the Blue Whale challenge may have driven the student to take the extreme step.
Blue Whale suicide: Madurai boy could
be TN’s first victim
Tattoo on the hand of Vignesh


He also said that the game is not justa challenge but a risk for life and once someone startsplaying it, they have to finish it. “Hence, parents mustkeep a close watch on their children and if they findanything suspicious, the police should immediately becontacted,” he added. 
According to the police,Vignesh (19) was a second yearB.Com student at a collegein Tirupparankundram nearMadurai. He killed himself onWednesday evening around 4.15.The Austinpatti police wereimmediately informed and theyrushed to the spot.During investigation, the cops found the ‘BlueWhale’ tattoo drawn on his left hand and the words‘blue whale’ written below it. Following this, the copsconfirmed that the reason for the suicide was the bluewhale game. After speaking to the youth’s parentsand upon further investigation, the police also foundthat Vignesh had been playing the game on his mobilephone, but the parents had no knowledge of it. 

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