Appointment of ex-judge as MGR assets administrator upheld

Holding that no useful purpose will be served if one of the parties to the dispute is appointed as an interim administrator in safeguarding the trust and properties created by the late MG Ramachandran (MGR), the Madras High Court has upheld the order of a single judge appointing Justice D Hariparanthaman, a retired Judge of High Court, as administrator.
Appointment of ex-judge as MGR assets administrator upheld
MG Ramachandran (MGR)


A division bench comprising Justice Rajiv Shakdher and Justice Abdul Quddhose, who dismissed the appeals filed by two of MGR’s relatives Latha Rajendran and Geetha Madhumohan against the single judge’s order, said, “We agree with the finding of the single judge that there is no consensus even amongst the beneficiaries and there is also a strong objection for the appointment of Latha Rajendran as the interim administrator.” 
Pointing out that appointing one of the parties to the dispute will only lead to further litigation and multiplicity of proceedings, said, “Hence, it is in the interest of all the parties to the dispute as well as the beneficiaries and to safeguard the laudable objects of the testator late MGR under his Will dated January 18, 1987 that a Court appointed Administrator administers and manages the affairs of the Estate and the Trust.” 
Also, the bench on holding that it finds no infirmity in the common order passed by the single judge said, “There is, according to us, no error of law or fact, which would have us to interdict the impugned judgment. Merely, because we may have a different view of the matter is not a good enough reason for us to interfere with the direction issued qua of an administrator. It is a plausible view, with which, we find no fault.” 
The single judge Justice MM Sundresh on November 24, 2016, had appointed Justice Hariparanthaman as administrator after dismissing the applications filed by MGR’s relatives, including Latha Rajendran, MC Chandran and M Swaminathan, who had individually sought for appointment as the administrator of the Estate and Trust of the late MGR. 

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