Rescued dotted whale shark found dead near Rameswaram

A dotted whale shark which was rescued on Saturday and reintroduced into the sea was found dead at Rameswaram, on Monday. On Saturday, fishermen had noticed a live whale shark at Vethalai beach near Mandapam and had informed the Fisheries Department.
Rescued dotted whale shark found dead near Rameswaram
Representative image of a shark


Officials of fisheries department who came to see it said that it was 5-year-old female shark weighing around 100 kg.
With the help of fishermen, the dotted whale shark was taken into the sea for two nautical miles and let into it. Officials claimed that the shark swam actively in the sea once it was reintroduced.
However much to the shock of the Forest Officials, carcass of the rescued dotted whale shark washed ashore at Rameswaram on the wee hours of Monday. Fishermen informed the Forest Officials and they reached the spot. The shark was then buried on the sea shore

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