Leopard scare in Manapparai forest range

A leopard reportedly on the prowl at Manapparai gave a sleepless night to villages along the forest range in the wee hours of Friday. Manapparai range is known for only Indian Guar and spotted deer as per the census of the Forest Department.
Leopard scare in Manapparai forest range
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The department appealed to the public not to panic over the reported presence of the leopard. According to forest officials, a resident Ramasamy belonging to Athanpatti was on his way home on Thursday. He saw a pig chased by a big black animal in the fields. Ramasamy ran in to the village and narrated the incident. The information spread like wildfire across the villages of Vallaypatti, Anampatti all located along the forest ranges of Manapparai. Forest officials carried out a thorough search in the fields. As the entire area was dry and was full of seemai karuvelam trees, officials found it difficult to comb the entire area. They were also joined by the villagers in the search. The officials then assured the villagers that they need not be scared as there was no possibility of any leopard movement in the area. 

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