Posters of Deepa in many places surprises Maduraiites

Posters of Deepa, the niece of former Chief Minister, J Jayalalithaa, with the demand to take charge of AIADMK had cropped up in rural areas in Madurai.
Posters of Deepa in many places surprises Maduraiites
Cadre at ground level raised their voice in support of Deepa


After the death of Jayalalithaa confusion remained among the party cadres about their next leader. Most of the party functionaries and Ministers voiced for Sasikala Natarajan, a confidante of Jayalalithaa. But cadres at the ground level were not happy at the choice. 
They showed their opposition by defacing her posters. Rest of the cadres raised their voice for Deepa and at Salem J Deepa Peravai was started. At rural areas of Madurai such as Alanganallur, Melur and other villages sorrounding them posters containing Deepa surfaced. 
In the posters, AIADMK cadres demanded Deepa to become the General Secretary of the party and to drive the party like her aunty. In of the posters at Thandalai near Alanganallur Deepa is portrayed as Jayalalithaa and she was mentioned as JJ Deepa Amma. AIADMK cadres had also demanded to weed out those who had betrayed the party and Jayalalithaa. 
People of the area were quite surprised at the posters of Deepa as it was the first time that such posters had surfaced in their area and the names of those who printed the posters were also put up daringly. What is more surprising is that the area is dominated by AIADMK and Melur MLA, Periyapullam alias P. Selvam, is from AIADMK.

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