Tokyo Olympics: Archer Deepika Kumari marches into quarterfinals
Source: Reuters (File Photo); Deepika Kumari

Tokyo Olympics: Archer Deepika Kumari marches into quarterfinals

Indian Archer Deepika Kumari forays into quarterfinals after defeating Russia's Ksenia Perova in a shoot-off. Deepika won 6-5 against Ksenia.


7s is what has cost the sets for both the archers. Deepika started off positively with two 9s and a 10 to win the set 28-25 where Ksenia scored a 7 and two 9s. Deepika lost sets 2 and 5 because of her 7s. Ksenia looked threatening with the tied fourth and successful fifth set.
In the shoot-off, adding to Ksenia's woes, her 7 handed the game to Deepika Kumari where the latter hit a perfect-10. The way this match has spread out suggests that not scoring 7s is more important than getting the 10s right.
Deepika Kumari makes her way to the quarterfinals by blowing past Bhutan's Karma 6-0 in the first round (1/32 elimination), USA's Jennifer Mucino-Fernandez 6-4 in the second (1/16 elimination) and finally Russian Ksenia 6-5 in the pre-quarterfinals (1/8 elimination).
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