Sivanthi Adityan bats for corruption-free cricket

Chepauk Super Gillies owner says stringent action must be taken against those who bring disrepute to the game
Sivanthi Adityan bats for corruption-free cricket
The victorious Chepauk Super Gillies team


The owner of Tamil Nadu Premier League franchise Chepauk Super Gillies, B Sivanthi Adityan, came out in favour of taking stringent measures that will root out corruption from the sport.

Appalled by the recent allegations of TNPL being plagued by the menace of spot-fixing, Adityan was unequivocal in introducing a strong deterrent that will ensure there is no repeat of such unseemly activities.

 “I am actually glad that it has received public attention. It’s disheartening to hear that such activities were gaining prominence in the TNPL. Severe actions such as life-time bans must be taken against those involved to ensure the integrity of the sport remains intact.

“If spot-fixing persists, it will diminish the interest in the sport and destroy the league. Cricket deserves better - it should be a place for enthusiasts playing out of love and passion for the sport; not for those trying to make a quick buck.

“Spot-fixing or match-fixing does not merely affect team owners or fans but also affects genuine cricketers trying to give their 100 percent to win. It can also potentially demotivate them,” said Adityan.

Elaborating on this issue, Adityan explained, “We at CSG took steps to prevent this from happening. We also reassured the players during the first training session that we only expect integrity and commitment to the sport from them. In case they receive any dubious instructions from anyone, I have told them to directly report it to me, in addition to reporting it to the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU). I felt like this would help genuine cricketers gain confidence despite the rumours that were floating about pre-season.”

Asked for a remedial measure, Adityan suggested that increasing the players’ salaries could go a long way in curbing the crisis. “There is a suggestion that salaries of players could be increased. I feel that could work, but I have a different way of looking at it. A similar wage and selection structure to European football leagues could work. There, the players are free to choose the side they would like to play for. They can also mutually agree upon a wage. I think this could prevent fixing in the future. The current salary (in TNPL) is definitely not what the players expect. For such a high-profile league, it makes no sense to have such low salary caps,” added Adityan.

Sharing his experience on being the owner of the most successful franchise in the league, Adityan said it was his love and passion for the sport that led him here. “It has been a great experience. I got in purely out of the passion I have for the sport. I wanted to help promote cricket. I take pride in the fact that the Super Gillies is the only team to have won the trophy twice apart from finishing runner up in the inaugural season.”

However, if there is one aspect where Adityan believes the league could improve, it is by roping in out-station cricketers. “The TV ratings for TNPL are still good, but it definitely needs to be rejuvenated a little bit. I feel the right way of doing that would be by bringing in outstation players. There should be at least a quota of out-of-state players to bolster squads. It will only improve the level and quality of cricket that is being played. That in turn will increase viewership andinterest in the sport.

“BCCI not allowing outstation players to be part of TNPL is rocket science to me. I don’t understand the logic behind it. In my opinion, cricketers should have the right to play in a league of their choice as it is a personal career discussion,”observed Adityan.

If there was one Super Gillies player who left an indelible mark, it was pace bowler G Periyaswamy who, according to many experts, was the find of the season. Adityan reserved high praise for the fast bowler who came up with a match-winning performance in the final against Dindigul Dragons taking fivewickets for 15 runs.

“Players like Periyaswamy have gained prominence after playing for CSG. That is something I can be proud of. We saw him in the nets and he was a spectacular talent. It was easy to spot that he is special. He proved that in TNPL 4. In my opinion, he is the best T20 bowler in Tamil Nadu. Apart from Jasprit Bumrah, I can’t think of anyone else who can deliver yorkers so consistently,” said Adityan.

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