TN athlete attacked in junior national meet

N Vivekanandhan (19) a decathlete from Coimbatore suffered a cut injury on his left hip and injuries near his left ear after fellow contestant Paranjeet from Delhi attacked him with spike shoes at the national junior athletic championship here.
TN athlete attacked in junior national meet
N Vivekanandhan gets first aid after a fellow athelete attacked him


Vivekanandhan got first aid and continued participating in the event as stitches would affect his performance in the prestigious event. 
Vivekanandhan told this paper that on Saturday afternoon he was getting ready for a pole vault trial (before the event) when Paranjeet asked him to give way for him. “I asked him to wait as I had already taken position. After practice I was sitting close to the track when he came and spat on my shoe. He pushed me back when I questioned his act,” the teenager said.
He added that Paranjeet then attacked him with his spike shoes, leaving two long cuts on his left hip before hitting (or kicking) him on the left side of his head. Paranjeet was given a yellow card warning and both the players were allowed to take part in the event. “I am determined to win the medal despite the incident,” he added.
With a big bandage on his neck and face he continued to lead the points table for the event at the end of seven of the ten events (in decathlon) in the Under 20 category. 
When asked about the incident, secretary general of the Athletic Federation of India (AFI) told DT Next that they came to know about a clash between two athletes and informed the Delhi association about the conduct of their athlete. “We have not enquired them as the event was in progress. We will enquire both sides to know who was responsible for the incident,” he said. 
Valsan said that appropriate action would be taken. “Usually when persons indulging in such acts are aged about 18 years we directly take action against them,” he said. Official sources said that there were incidents where sports persons assaulting fellow players were even barred from participating in any event for a period.

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