Tarot: On the cards

Tarot: On the cards


There is a need to look at things differently and attempt solutions that are out of the box. That is what the hanged man seems to say and asks you to surrender fully. The Two of Wands shows there is travel in the near future and you will contemplate unions, collaborations and partnerships that are well beyond where you live. It also looks like there is great potential for expansion when it comes to working.


It’s the time to shine and be the star. The Star card comes to tell you that you will be in the limelight for all the right reasons and will also taste success as you have always been wanting to. The Four of Cups shows that you have a tendency to not look at opportunities that come your way as you think of an ideal time. The time is right whenever you take the plunge.


There are likely to be hostilities that you could be participating in, but if you decide not to react and only respond then you will be on a better wicket. The Five of Wands shows that you will feel challenged when it comes to your skills and talents. The Nine of Wands suggests that you are a person with multiple talents, and can afford to take one up and pursue it with zeal. There’s a fire in you.


The Death card shows that you are on the cusp of a new phase that will take you in directions you may not have expected. You could in the meanwhile also have impacted some people who may or may not see you as someone benevolent. The Two of Swords shows that you will be vacillating between two options and your thoughts will keep going back and forth on issues that are important to your well-being.


It all seems like all aspects of your life have come full circle and you are in a very good space right now. The Wheel of Fortune shows an upturn of fortunes and other social aspects that make you feel more complete within yourself. The Five of Swords indicates the inner struggles that make you competitive and passively aggressive. You would like to demolish anything you deem competition and you will also gain control.


The Four of Swords shows that your plans are in the gestation stage. They will materialise in course of time and great patience will be needed. This will also make you feel relaxed when you let go. The Ten of Wands shows you are feeling burdened by work and your ambitions and the fire you cannot seem to control when it comes to getting appreciation, recognition and applause. This can be frustrating, but hold on.


You could be feeling a bit lonesome and isolated despite many people around you. because of this, you could also miss seeing the good things. The Five of Cups shows an emotional vacuum in some areas of your life but there are other things that can make you very happy and fulfilled. The Ace of Swords shows your clarity and a sharp mind which can win over any situation. You will be provided with opportunities at work.


You could be looking at new projects and assignments that will be good and productive. The Page of Cups indicates that it could be the youngsters who will implement your ideas and they will drive them forward to succession. Or that if you yourself are one of those, then you will be spearheading this well. The Seven of Wands shows that you would like to tackle all of what you are good at work.


The women in your life will be prominent as they nurture and nourish all those around them. The Nine of Pentacles also shows fortune and abundance through them. The Emperor card shows that there is the presence of someone very strong and also could be a mentor who will guide you in all your actions. This will prove to be very valuable later. The Emperor card could also be someone you really look up to.


The Seven of Swords shows that you are ready to do things even if they are not in the right manner. It also shows a lot of overthinking and a tendency to do things secretively. This might be something you just do and it will not be perceived well by those around you. The Knight of Swords shows you in a very aggressive state of mind when it comes to getting what you want.


The High Priestess shows that you are learning and will also be a teacher to those you interact with. The Seven of Cups shows that having unrealistic expectations of people and life can make you feel unfulfilled. You do know that but sometimes there is a tendency to get carried away with your enthusiasm. This card is also about having expectations of material things which will not bring you happiness or fulfilment in any form.


The King of Swords shows the quality of the people you are surrounding yourself with. This also means that you will have the focus and drive to get things done. The Six of Cups shows you will be looked after and also be sought after by a lot of people who will shower all their love, attention and appreciation on you. You will bask in all this attention and feel wanted and loved by people.

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