Tarot on the cards

Tarot on the cards



To enjoy a happy family life, think out of the box — come up with solutions and inputs that are out of the box. The Hanged Man shows that right now you are dealing with a lot of things and not all of them are getting neatly placed in a box. The Ten of Cups shows that you had tremendous potential to provide for a good home to those dependent on you but that is something you will have to work on.

20 APRIL – 21 MAY

Luck and good fortune are turning in your favour right now. You have so much clarity about what you do, think and execute in all areas of your life. You are being guided by the Higher Forces or your Higher Self if you believe in that. It puts you right where you belong. The Ace of Swords shows you will work towards your goals with knowledge and skills.

21 MAY – 21 JUNE

If you are having great expectations from situations, people and friends, it is time to take a reality check. People do only what suits them, unless it is family. Disappointment about changing equations should be taken in your stride. That Seven of Cups shows that while you feel you deserve better things, life has its own pace of doing all that you want. The Four of Swords confirms that everything will work in your favor.

21 JUNE – 23 JULY

It must feel like you are going to battle - there are too many things to take care of. The Seven of Swords shows you are taking on a lot and there is a lot going on in your mind to achieve goals. It could impact you if you don’t learn to let go and relax and allow things to flow at their own pace. The Eight of Pentacles shows that once you do that, money will come in and make your life a lot easier.


The Three of Pentacles shows many things are in the pipeline and you are in the resting phase to be able to take on all that is coming your way. It is to do with work and the accompanying rewards. Many things are brewing and you can rest a bit before plunging into the mayhem that will come with multiple things playing out in the coming months. You will have the upper hand and be like a leader steering things the right way.


Things are going well for you as the Wheel of Fortune indicates - all that you thought you should get is now coming to you. Do not hanker for things that are not in your control. The Five of Pentacles shows this – a kind of mindset that brings you depression thinking of what you cannot and do not have instead of enjoying and appreciating the things that are there. And there is a lot – you only have to see it that way.


The days ahead are those of great prosperity and financial abundance - this can come through better jobs, lucrative assignments or some sort of inheritance from paternal lineage. The King of Pentacles shows all this and the presence of a strong and older mentor or guide who shows you how to go about gathering funds and finances for the future. The Two of Wands indicates the involvement of someone you admire and like.


There are times when you need to stand alone as well as do things in a solitary manner. The Hermit shows a sense of isolation from all that is familiar and those you have been very close to. It all feels meaningless even as you live amidst them. This shows you need to learn some lessons that are intrinsic to your inner well-being. You are being guided by the higher forces to be the best version.


You could be looking at new ventures and projects to enhance the money component in your dealings with work. The Page of Pentacles shows you are working on projects that will be somewhat be trendsetting and also be like a motivator for others who share your ideology. The young lot will make it even better and work towards its great success. The Lovers card shows a couples to spend more time with each other.


If you are looking at gaining victory over work and work related aspects, you are on a roll. The Knight of Swords shows that there is determination, clarity and the fighting spirit to get things done fast with precision. This will also bring some amount of aggression while working towards achieving goals. The Six of Cups shows that you will be sought after, wooed and also be in demand when it comes to social events.


The Eight of Wands brings to the fore that you are chewing off more than you can swallow. You will need to take things one at a time, so that not only is there focus but also a better way and more energy when handling issues and challenges. The Nine of Swords brings about things that frustrate and annoy you. There are too many thoughts and not all of them will materialise. Learn to relax and take things one by one.


The Two of Pentacles shows that you are trying to juggle as much as possible so that you not just earn your living but also work on what to spend the money on. There are many things to take care of but spending it all can leave you with a deficit. The Four of Pentacles shows the confusion and the desire to buy everything you see. But caution is important as the money energy is also elusive if not treated with respect and love.

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